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€189.00Sale Price


  • Trekking - Outdoor


Weight:  520 g



    • Women's padded jacket with hood
    • Nylon Pertex DWR fabric
    • Lined in nylon fabric
    • Interior in double thermal polyester fleece fabric
    • 100% Thermore Ecodown recycled polyester filling
    • Secondary ultralight padding in 60gr Comfortemp® polyester 
    • Center front with zip, hand pockets with zip
    • Internal zip pocket
    • Cuffs finished with elastic
    • Bottom with regulation
    • Ideal garment for various outdoor and leisure activities

    Weight: 0.52 kg


    Primary Tissue

    PERTEX® QUANTUM PRO 56 g / m2: garments made of PERTEX® QUANTUM PRO technology incorporate an ultra-thin coating with an extremely durable structure. The product is characterized by windproof properties, with good impermeability to water (> 600 mm water column), and high breathability (> 7000 g / sqm / 24h). Dry and comfortable to the touch, extremely compressible, it gives maximum comfort and insulation. Excellent wear resistance and protection from external humidity and rain: the fabric does not get soaked, it dries quickly thanks to the specific DWR water repellent treatment, even after multiple washes. Developed for use in extreme conditions. ANTIUV: UPF50 +.

    Secondary Fabric

    Thermore Ecodown® was created to recreate the softness of down, while retaining the advantages of a technological thermal padding, allowing the creation of garments with limited bulk and maximum freedom of movement. Finally, the softness does not limit the resistance of the product: even Thermore Ecodown® incorporates the Thermore® finish against the leakage of fibers from the fabrics and can be washed in water and dry; it is produced with full respect for animals and the environment. Despite the apparel industry's efforts to move towards a more sustainable and "cruelty-free" approach, recent market surveys indicate that 80% of winter clothing is still padded with goose down. This is largely due to the lack of a synthetic alternative that offers the same look as down. Thermore® takes the first step towards eco-sustainability and releases a revolutionary injection product: Ecodown® Fibers. Ecodown® Fibers ensure a volume equivalent to that of high quality 90/10 feathers and, likewise, can be blown into the garment. The "loft" or "volume" of the down is determined with the "fill power" test: the fibers are blown into a cylinder and their volume is measured. The higher the fill power, the bulkier the jacket will be. Tests carried out on Ecodown® Fibers show a very high fill power of over 600, and it is thanks to this that the product is able to guarantee that full and swollen appearance until now only obtainable with the best feathers. In addition, this padding is incredibly durable: its multi-shaped structure is unique and prevents the fibers from clumping after washing. Ecodown® fibers are not only animal free but are also made up of 100% recycled bottles: each jacket padded with Thermore® fibers helps to recycle up to 10 post-consumer bottles. In addition to being warm, this padding has an extremely soft hand and does not use microfibers, which contaminate the oceans and, consequently, the food we eat.

    PERTEX® QUANTUM (36 g / m2): garments made of PERTEX QUANTUM® have the best weight / mechanical performance ratio. This ultralight product is as soft as silk, extremely compressible, with excellent resistance to wear and protection from external humidity, wind and rain: the fabric does not get soaked, it dries quickly thanks to the specific DWR water-repellent treatment that gives long performances to the product, even after multiple washes. ANTIUV: UPF50 +.

    Comfortemp®: Ultralight polyester wadding (60 g / m2) designed to offer thermal insulation, maximum lightness and freedom of movement. The particular construction prevents the fibers from escaping from the fabrics and can be easily washed. This innovative insulation combines the advantages of down and wadding fillings in a quality that has never been previously achieved. This thermal insulation is superior to conventional padding while being as light and soft as down. Comfortemp® is an innovative alternative to down, it ensures excellent breathability and maintains a uniform structure even after washing, ensuring no cold spots.








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