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Climbing Technology Click up+ assicuratore discensore

Climbing Technology CLICK UP +

SKU: 2K670BW
€92.00 Regular Price
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CLICK UP + is an innovative manual braking belay device, an evolution of the consolidated model  CLICK UP, on the market for seven years. Specifically designed for indoor and crag climbing, it can be used with all dynamic single ropes from Ø 8.5 to 11 mm. Compact and lightweight, it allows you to secure a lead climber and top-rope climber by maneuvering the rope with both hands.


WEIGHT  (tool only): 110 g

ROPE DIAMETER: (8.5 - 11) mm



    • more effective in giving rope, which occurs quickly and smoothly (Fig. 3), thanks to the new geometry of the shell and the new carabiner restraint system (patent pending);
    • more comfortable when belaying in top rope, especially when using indoor ropes, thanks to the new geometry of the cheeks;
    • safer thanks to the V-Proof system (patent pending) which reduces errors due to incorrect use of the rope during locking (Fig. 1-2);
    • more ergonomic thanks to the new shape of the outer shell.
    • Like the previous model:

    • it allows you to stop a fall simply by holding the free side of the rope with your hand;
    • allows you to lower your partner by exerting a slight pressure on the tool and keeping the tension of the unloaded rope with the other hand;
    • guarantees effective belay even if the rope is inserted incorrectly into the device (rope sides reversed), thanks to the special V-shaped braking grooves (see diagram)


    During the climbing belay phase there are critical phases (giving and retrieving the rope to the first, retrieving the rope in top rope) in which, in the event of a climber's fall, the "V" angle between the two must be respected. branches of the rope. Reducing this angle can affect the correct operation of the device in the locking phase.
    The V-Proof system, present on CLICK UP +, limits errors due to the reduction of the “V” angle between the two branches of the string.
    It consists of a movable divider which favors the activation of the assisted braking system. If during the fall of the climber the hand side rope comes into contact with the partition (Fig. 1), this favors the rotation of the device and the consequent locking of the rope (Fig. 2).

    Attention!  Read the instructions of the tool carefully before use.

    The CLICK UP + is supplied and must be used with the special HMS CONCEPT SGL HC carabiner, with wear-resistant anodizing and ACL system that prevents the possibility of load on the minor axis.











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