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LEKI bastone trekking Makalu lite offerta

Leki MAKALU FX-TA trekking poles, foldable, quick adjustment

SKU: 652-2075
€165.00 Regular Price
€125.00Sale Price

You can fully rely on Makalu FX TA! This trekking pole equipped with the new Aergon Air. The latest generation of the grip has been re-optimized in terms of comfort and control, and improved in every detail. The special hollow technology allows for a combination of lightweight construction and large support surfaces that meet all the ergonomic requirements of your hand. The rear of the Aergon Air grip is fully rubberized and offers maximum grip and control on descents. The inclined angle supports the hand joint for optimal guidance and good pole positioning, contributing greatly to safety in the mountains. The extended handle allows for different grip modes when climbing. The Speed Lock plus is mounted within seconds in the stable but lightweight folding pole made of aluminum. Off to the next mountain itinerary!


Weight: 298 g (single)

ACCESSORY color: Petrol/Black

    Lock Security Strap Skin 4.0

    Adjustable strap with safety release. Ultra-light and breathable, it ensures maximum comfort .

    Extension of the handle

    Handle extension for a more comfortable grip on steep terrain or embankments.

    Tube material

    Aluminum HTS (Heat Treated Shaft) 6.5

    External Locking Device

    The ELD system allows folding sticks to be opened and closed quickly at the push of a button. This special structure around the release button ensures even greater stability.

    Speed Lock Plus

    The adjustment system certified by TÜV Süd functions as an external clamp which allows easy adjustment and ensures maximum holding force.

    Trekking plate 2.0

    Compact trekking plate. Protects from sinking in snow and mud and is easily replaceable by hand.

    Flex Tip

    Sturdy tip for precise use of the stick and perfect grip on almost all types of terrain.

    Bag for folding sticks

    Practical ultralight bag for storing folding sticks .


    Series: Unisex

    Construction: Vario (Infinitely Adjustable)

    Handle: Aergon AIRRing

    Lock Security Strap Skin 4.0

    Pipe diameter: 5 segments

    18 | 16 | 14 | 14 | 14 mm

    Material: Aluminum (HTS 6.5)

    Folding system: ELD

    Tip size: Kurz

    Adjustment system: Speed Lock 2

    PlateTrekking 2.0: TopFlex Tip (Short)Length

    Format: 110-145 cm adjustable

    Packing size: 40 cm

    Weight: 250g piece

    Storage bag: Faltstocktasche










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